Snow clearance often leads to neighbour disputes

Snowblower neighbour disputesA Robotic Snowblower. Photo: McConnel

Snow clearance often leads to neighbour disputes

As sure as the sun follows snow, neighbours all over Norway argue about snow clearance. The Norwegian Conflict Councils, which mediates in neighbour disputes, encourages dialogue in order to avoid «all-out war».

“Noisy snowblowers and annoyance because a neighbour has shovelled snow onto their plot, is among the many disagreements that lead to neighbour quarrels during the winter months,” writes NRK.

“Most of the neighbour disputes are based on misunderstandings,” according to Leader of the Conflict Council of Vestfold, Agron Tahiri.

“Many interpret what the neighbour is doing and gets wound up, without having a quiet conversation to find out why the neighbour does what he does. They don’t even mention how they perceive it,” Tahiri explains.

If the neighbours are unable to resolve the conflict between themselves, the case ends up in mediating by the Conflict Council.
Their tips to avoid the escalation of neighbour quarrels are, among other things, not to attribute negative motives and qualities to their neighbour. They advise talking to, instead of about, the neighbour.

“Be crystal clear in your message about how you experience the situation, so that the neighbour is aware that this is important to you. In order to listen to how the neighbour perceives the situation, you should act friendly,” the Conflict Council advises.

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