Snow warning issued for large parts of Southern Norway

Snowy icy roadsPhoto: Paul Kleiven / NTB

A snow warning has been issued in large parts of Southern Norway on Tuesday night.

“People must consider whether their cars are adequately prepared. It’s okay to be on the safe side. We are well into October, so it’s time for that,” on-duty meteorologist Espen Biseth Granan at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

The danger warning applies to Monday and Tuesday, and for many, it will be the first snowfall of the autumn. 

Granan is noted that there may also be snow in populated areas.

“We will not get snow in the center of Oslo, but in Greater Oslo Region and Romerike, there could be some. There could also be some snow in the Mjøs region, where a lot of people live,” he warned.

“The temperature is expected to rise quickly after Tuesday, so then there may be a transition to rain,” the meteorologist added.

On the other hand, Granan did not rule out the possibility that the snow may remain for a while in the interior.

Rain in the west

The danger warning has been issued for Telemark, Viken, Oslo, Agder, and parts of Rogaland, but Western Norway will also be affected.

“In Bergen, precipitation is expected but with milder temperatures. Further inland, there may be a risk of snow,” Granan said.

The weather in Central Norway is also likely to change next week. 

“The showers will be most intense on Sunday and subside beyond Monday. Tuesday mostly looks good, but with the risk of night frost. 

“During the week, there will be easterly winds and some precipitation. The temperatures will rise somewhat,” Granan noted.

Cold in the north

On the other hand, a week of stay-at-home weather seems to be approaching in the north of the country.

“Nordland and Troms will have some good weather, with mostly dry conditions. In Tromsø, minus degrees are expected, while Bodø will see temperatures fall down to zero.

“In Alta, there will be scattered precipitation and temperatures below zero degrees,” Granan concluded.

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