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More ‘snusers’ than smokers in Norway for the first time

Snuff Snus smoking tobaccoSnuff (Snus) box. Photo: Swedish Match


Last year, 11% of the population were smokers, while 12% were using ‘pouch tobacco’ (snus).


This is the first time there are more snusers than smokers, and tobacco consumption is increasing.

‘Despite the decline in daily smoking, the overall share of the population who uses tobacco products is increasing,’ said CEO, Joachim Wettergreen to Statistics Norway (SSB).

SSB’s statistics on Norwegians’ tobacco habits in the past decade show that the percentage of daily smokers dropped unambiguously, whereas daily snus users had increased significantly.

2017 was the first year in which the percentage of daily smokers was lower than that of daily snusers.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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