Calls to special numbers no longer expensive

special numbersLess surprises in store for Norwegian phone users. Photo:

Calls to special numbers no longer expensive

It will no longer be more expensive to call special than regular numbers when the regulations change on September 1st, the Norwegian National Communications Authority (Nkom) reports.

The change applies to special numbers with three and five digits, as well as numbers prefixed by 85, 810 and 815. That is, calls to these numbers can no longer be charged to customers’ telephone bills at higher rates than normal, according to Nkom.

“Norway is among the world leaders in digitization. Equal charges for calls is, therefore, an important step on the way to even simpler and more intuitive services,” Director of NKom, Elisabeth Aarsæther, states.



(Virtually) no more surprises

It is currently common to pay a fixed price for a subscription, while a call to a special number can be added to the bill. In other words, this will disappear when the change comes into force on September 1st. You cannot legally be billed extra for such calls as of that date in Norway.

The change applies to both landlines and mobile phones.

Calls to numbers beginning with 820 and 929 are, however, not covered by the change. These numbers are frequently used for advisory services, chat lines, spa services and the like. These can easily cost you an arm and a leg in the future too.

Numbers in the 800 series will be free of charge. These are often used for customer services. The change thus entails that Norway will come in line with many other parts of Europe, which have free calls to this number series already.

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