Apply to Statskog for outdoors activities

#nattinaturen outdoors activities tent100,000 last year: Saturday, September 1st, the Sleep Outdoors campaign #nattinaturen is hosted throughout Norway for the fourth consecutive year. Photo: Nikolay Øyehaug

Apply to Statskog for outdoors leisure time activities

”Do you have suggestions for a measure or a leisure time activity that gets more people out into Norwegian nature? Then I urge you to apply for funds for implementation from Statskog. Outdoor life provides a better quality of life and public health,” Minister of Agriculture and Food, Olaug Bollestad, states.

«Statskog Million» is a national support scheme consisting of many small support funds allocated throughout Norwegian, totalling NOK 1 million annually. In the course of a year, up to 150 measures and activities in all parts of the country will receive support from Norwegian Forestry (Statskog).

Apply for funds for leisure time activities

How to apply?

  • All Norwegian organisations can apply for support.
  • Application deadline is twice a year; in April and August.
  • Application for funds must be made through a separate form. The form can be found at Statskog in April and August.
  • Apply before you start – the scheme does not support activities that are finished.
  • You must be able to document actual expenses of at least NOK 5,000 to be considered in the scheme.
  • The application may involve either NOK 5,000 or NOK 10,000 in support.
  • The more outdoor life and public health you achieve from the money, the greater the possibility of being granted support.

What is Statskog?

  • Statskog is the country’s largest land-owner and is a state-owned enterprise. The state-owned area cover a fifth of mainland Norway.
  • The mandate of Statskog is to safeguard common assets.
  • Statskog will manage, operate and develop state-owned forest and mountain properties including associated resources.
  • Statskog will operate an active nature conservation and take outdoor activities into account.

The state-owned enterprise form is chosen because Statskog is to be run according to business-economic principles, while at the same time required to solve other social and sector-policy objectives on assignments from the owner. The Norwegian state is 100 per cent owner of Statskog SF. The ownership is handled by the Minister of Agriculture and Food.

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