Still low numbers of influenza cases


There are still only a few who have been infected with the flu, but the Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) has noticed that the number of cases is increasing and believes that an outbreak is approaching.

Last week (week 49), only 0.5 per cent of physician consultations in the primary health service were about influenza-like illness, reports the Institute of Public Health.

A total of 31 patients have been admitted with influenza, of whom 23 with influenza A and eight with influenza B.

The Institute of Public Health describes the level of influenza-like illness as very low, but the number of cases detected is increasing, especially in southern Norway.

In Aust-Agder last week, the proportion of influenza-like illness exceeded the threshold to be termed an outbreak. In Trøndelag, the proportion of cases has also increased in the past week.

The Institute of Public Health believes an outbreak is now approaching and emphasizes that people in the target groups (pregnant, children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems) should be vaccinated as soon as possible in order to obtain protection.

A total of more than 1 million doses of influenza vaccine have been sent out this season, which is far more than any previous season.

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