Strong sales increase for sleeping medication in March

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The sales of sleeping tablets and sleeping medication grew more than normal in March, the same month Norway went into lockdown. The States Medicines Agency believed that people hoarded these medications during that time.

Based on the numbers Dagbladet received from Farmaloggs drug statistics, the sale of prescription drugs Imovane, Stilnoct and Melatonin increased by 11, 13.9 and 19.5 percent in March this year in comparison with March of 2019.

Sales decreased between April and May.

According to the Director of Medicine, Steinar Madsen from the Norwegian Medicines Agency, figures suggest that people hoarded sleeping medication in March. He says that annual growth is normal as the population grows older, and that it is the elderly who are in most need of these medications.

So far this year there has been a total increase of 4 percent for these 3 sleeping medications,in comparison to last year. The hormone Melatonin, which can have an effect on one’s daily rhythm, has the most growth with a 13.4 percent increase in sales so far this year.

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