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Survey shows majority for euthanasia

euthanasiaEuthanasia.Photo.Alberto Biscalchin

A new survey shows that a majority of Norwegians do strongly or somewhat agree that euthanasia should be permitted under certain conditions.

Norwegian Bioethics Attitude Survey measures Norwegians’ attitudes towards various bioethical issues, writes Fritanke. The survey revealed that 73 percent said they do strongly or somewhat agree with the statement “Physician-assisted suicide should be allowed for people who have a terminal illness with a short life expectancy.” 20 percent say they strongly or somewhat disagree.
For one group of respondents of the survey, a statement elaborated by saying: “A patient is dying in agony. Do you agree or disagree that a doctor, after careful consideration, shall be allowed to administer a fatal dose of medicine that the patient can choose to take to avoid great suffering, if the patient requests it? “The group that was offered this formulation, was more positive towards euthanasia. 78.5 chose one of the positive response options.
About half said they supported euthanasia also for people who are “incurable but not dying.” If they thought a person was mentally ill or “weary and want to die” , the majority was against euthanasia.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today