Teenagers take after their parents’ pill use

PillsIllustration Pills.Photo: pixabay.com

There is a relationship between parents’ use of prescription painkillers and teenage children consumption, according to a New Norwegian study.

The study also shows that women and teenage girls use more of such drugs than men and teenage boys.

– We demonstrate that children who aren’t even having headaches turn to their parents’ way of using painkillers and that they apparently got a lower threshold before taking prescription painkillers, says University professor Christopher Lundqvist to Dagens Medisin.

The analgesic drugs used are mostly Paracet (acetaminophen) and Ibux (ibuprofen), says Lundquist.

– These medicines are the readily available in the store around the corner. I think that the dangers of overconsumption should be the responsibility of health and school health workers to inform about, says Lundqvist.

Recently the Institute of Public Health announced that more and more young girls are poisoned by overdosing on acetaminophen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today