Ten years immigration ban

Erlend WiborgErlend Wiborg,Progress Party.Photo: frp.no

Parliamentarian proposes ten years immigration ban in Østfold

Parliamentarian Erlend Wiborg (FrP) believes municipalities in Østfold has welcomed so many immigrants that they need a ten year moratorium.


– Now, especially the municipalities of Moss, Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad received so many immigrants that we need a break. Therefore, Østfold Progress Party (Frp)  suggest that we introduce a moratorium on immigration to the county for the next ten years, says Wiborg to Fredriksstad Blad.

Wiborg is labour and social policy spokesman for the FrP, and seccond candidate for the party in Østfold. When he elaborates the initiative the parliamentary representative points to an immigration debate in Moss City Council this spring, in which the alderman put forward numbers that shows that less than 50 percent of those who have completed the introductory program is working one year later.

Tightened immigration policy

Minister of Immigration, Sylvi Listhaug (Frp); who is in Østfold to gain votes, supports her party colleague in the desire for a tighter immigration policy. She will not, however, promise to close the borders to Østfold.

– We have tightened considerably on the immigration policy. Presently we have the lowest number of immigrants since 1997. This means that Moss and other municipalities will have fewer refugees to settle in the future, she says.


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