The clock gets turned back this weekend


The time is set one hour back on the night to Sunday 27th October. That means the weekend will be an hour longer.

The reminder rule is to set the clock towards the nearest summer. The time is reset one hour on the night to Sunday at 03.00 AM.

Last year, the European Commission suggested that we stop putting the clock back and forth every six months. But EU countries have not yet decided whether to introduce this.

“Many are wondering if it will soon be time to end the changing of the clock. It isn’t right now, we have to wait until the EU has finalised the case. Then we will gather input on how to do it here in Norway,” says Minister of Trade and Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (Høyre/Conservative Party).

The EU countries will decide in December. The European Parliament proposes that a possible change will take place in 2021.

Norway has had daylight saving time every year since 1980.

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