The younger ones not using Facebook

FacebookFacebook. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, File)

Fewer people use Facebook, and especially the younger generation are dropping this particular type of social media to such an extent that it is now termed a “old folks websites”.

  • I think this is a dramatic development. It says something about Facebook having lost its grip, especially among young people, and has become an ancient medium in record time, says marketing director Ingvar Sandvik of Kantar Media to

A survey Kantar Media conducted in December shows that as much as 43 percent of the population aged 15 to 29 spend less time on Facebook, while only 6 percent say they use Facebook more.

At the same time, the survey shows that 74 percent of the population use Facebook daily, a decline from 79 percent a year earlier. Especially men use Facebook less than before.

28 percent say they use Facebook less, while 18 percent say they spend more time on the platform. Half of the youth say they publish fewer status updates than a year ago.

Another part of the survey is about the use of the internet. Here, 55 percent respond that they spend too much time online. 16 percent say they spend more than six hours on the internet daily, and the mobile phone is the main reason.

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