There are so many people over 100 in your municipality

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Today there are 1079 people over 100 in Norway, and the number is only increasing and increasing. Among them, there are 900 women, while 179 are men.

The municipality in the country that has the most people over a hundred years is Oslo, which is also the municipality with the highest population. 193 people are over 100 years in the municipality.

The municipality where there are most people over 100 years relative to the population is Fedje municipality in Hordaland. The small municipality, which has a population of 561, has two people who are over a hundred years old. In Trondheim there are 28 people over 100, while in Bergen there are 54.

Mayor of the municipality, Stian Herøy (H), laughs when NTB calls and says that he is the mayor of the municipality with the most people over 100 years per inhabitant.

He says he does not want to read too much into the numbers because small conditions can have a big impact in small municipalities.

It is, of course, nice that they thrive with us and live good lives, says Herøy.

In 2014, there were 829 in this age group in the country, and there has been a steady increase since then. Last year the figure was 1027.

Senior researcher Bjørn Heine Strand at the Institute of Public Health says that the causes of the increase are complex.

We have seen a huge increase in recent years, with more and more reaching a very high age. The reason is probably that more people have a healthier lifestyle and that medical treatment has improved, he says to NTB.

Strand says that one can also see that people who reach old age are increasingly becoming even older.

In the past, many people who turned 80 had a low probability of turning 90. Today it is seen that many of them also turn 90, he says.

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