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This year’s flu vaccine protects against more viruses


The flu season is approaching, and this year Norwegians are getting a new type of vaccine. 1.6 million of us should receive protection against the decease, says the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).

The new vaccines protect against four different viruses against the former three, writes the magazine Journalen. This increases the chance that the vaccine will cover the circulating viruses.

This also gives a price increase. Each dose of subsidized vaccine for the at-risk groups costs about NOK 75, says Dr. Preben Aavitsland at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to the journal.

The target groups for the vaccine are the same as before, but this year especially pregnant women in their second and third semesters and other young people in the risk groups are encouraged to vaccinate. A total of 1.6 million Norwegians are at risk.

Last autumn and winter 858,800 doses of flu vaccine were distributed. There were 233,000 more doses than the previous year.

FHI will deliver the vaccines to the municipalities in week 41.

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