Clocks have to be set forward in the middle of Easter holidays

The time must be set in the middle of Easter holidaysIt is three o'clock at night. Photo Norway Today Media

Early Sunday morning, it’s time to set the clock one hour forward.
The Metrology Service thinks the media are more interested in  and winter than people in general.
– I do not get many inquiries from the public about daylight saving time and standard time, it is mostly the media who are  calling me, Harald Hauglin, responsible for time and frequency in the Metrology Service said to the news agency NTB.
02.00 Saturday night  the clocks are set forward one hour, so that the time will be 03:00 instead. In other words, we lose one hour of the night.
You may be in a bar and suddenly discovers that it’s closing time. Maybe you are feeling a little more tired  onSunday morning than usual. But  the Metrology Service does not feel that switching to daylight saving time is an important topic for the general population.
In Norway, the Ministry of Health administer daylight saving time through “Regulations on daylight saving time”, although there are no proven benefits to health in setting the clock one hour forward or back. The reason why Norway has daylight saving time, is simply that it is convenient, because it’s used by the EU.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today