Here are the tips that may save Christmas dinner

Norwegian ribbeNorwegian ribbe.Photo: MatPrat

Have you forgotten to water for the pinnekjøtt? Is the turkey still in the freezer? Struggling not to get certified crazy? Never fear, here are the tips that will save Christmas dinner.

In the morning, be clear for what many believe is the most important meal of the year. Some may be cooking Christmas dinner for the first time, others have years of experience, but anyone can experience the great ‘Christmas crisis’. These tips will save Christmas dinner, and make sure you can breathe out and enjoy the Christmas spirit with your family.

I forgot to take the ‘ribba’ out of the freezer, and it is still frozen! What do I do?

‘Take out the ribba in good time, because it normally needs at least 24 hours in the fridge to defrost. It should then be rubbed with salt and pepper. If you have simply forgotten to take it out, then the solution could be to run to the nearest store and get a completely new, cooked ribbe. Then you can eat the ribs which were intended for the Christmas meal at a later time,’ says food professional advisor in ‘MatPrat’, Magnus Tvedt-Øresland.

‘Shock thawing of the meat may also be a solution. Add the meat, wrapped in plastic, in a large tub, and let it lie in running water for a while. The meat will then ‘shoot ice’, and thaw faster’, says Tvedt-Øresland.


The fat is not crackling! What do I do?
‘If the fat doesn’t crackle, you can do the following two things: turn on the grill element in the oven, locate a chair, and sit down in front of the oven and look at it closely until it crackles. You can also set the oven at maximum temperature and put a wooden
spoon in the oven door, so that a little steam escapes’, continued chef, Magnus Tvedt-Øresland.
Should you not succeed, despite all attempts, Christmas is about many other things beside a rib rind, fortunately.
I have forgotten to water the pinnekjøtt!
‘If you forget to water the pinnekjøtt, you can cook the meat in water instead of steaming it. If you need to do this, it is important to replace the water a few times along the way’, said Tvedt-Øresland.
Help! I don’t have the Birch sticks.
‘Don’t worry, no need to panic. Just add prongs or wooden spoons or anything similar in a criss-cross at the bottom of the pan. Add the water so it covers the pins or spoons, and add on the meat. Put the lid on, and bring to the boil. It works just fine without the birch sticks.
‘In fact, one can also put the potatoes in the bottom of the pan. They stay in great shape throughout the whole steaming, and are super as accessories to the dinner. But don’t peel the potatoes if you choose this solution’, advised Magnus Tvedt-Øresland.
It crackles and spatters in the pot, what’s going on?
‘Do you hear a popping sound? It’s the fat that is roasting. Then you need more water! You must immediately replenish with more water, if not, the pan will dry and give the meat a weird taste.’
I have forgotten to take the turkey out of the freezer, and now I have a frozen turkey. What do I do?
‘If you have forgotten to take out the turkey, then you can try to ‘shock-defrost’ it. Take the Turkey out of the cardboard, but keep it in the plastic bag.

Fill up the kitchen sink with ice cold water and add the turkey into the water bath. Let it lie there and ‘shoot out’ the ice, and pick the ice off. Then the bird will thaw faster.


Source: MatPrat / Norway Today