Wants a underground tram tunnel in Bergen

Tram in Oslo Tram peeing traffic accidentTram in Oslo: Photo: Norway Today Media

Wants a underground tram tunnel through Sandviken in Bergen

The location of the city tram line has been the subject of major political debate in Bergen. Now the city council wants it to pass through the mountain at Sandviken.


– To the city council it is crucial that the solution in Sandviken serves and protects the district, and contributes to an effective city tram line towards Åsane, says leader for Urban Development in Bergen, Anna Elisa Tryti.

The city council will go for a solution with a underground stop under the Norwegian Teacher’s Academy, then take a turn down towards the ocean before the track will once again go in a tunnel towards Outer Sandviken.

– Tunnel will free up several streets, including for cyclists, says Tryti to NRK.

The Ciity Tram line has been one of the toughest battles in Bergen polics in recent decades. The core of the conflicthas been whether the city tram line should cross the Quay (Bryggen) or go through a tunnel.

That discussion was halted for rhe time being when Labour, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats formed a city council in 2015 and made a compromise to make Bryggen free of cars free and place the line there.

Now it seems that the Tram line will go in a tunnel through Sandviken instead.


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