Unusually mild November days ahead, temperatures in parts of Norway could rise to 15 degrees

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In the next few days, temperatures will be as high as 15 degrees in some places in Eastern Norway and mild for the season almost all over the country.

On-duty meteorologist Martin Granerud pointed out two things that will characterize the weather in Norway towards the end of the week and this weekend: mild weather and westerly winds.

On Thursday and Friday, it will be much milder than usual for November. 

“We will not have 20 degrees, but we will see almost 15 degrees late in the season, as well as new county records,” Granerud pointed out. 

The snow has to wait

On Saturday, temperatures will drop somewhat, but it will still be mild in almost the entire country. 

A hint of northerly winds and a drop in temperatures is expected next week.

“There is no snow in sight in the next couple of days… You would have to climb the high mountains to see sleet and snow. Mountain passes will stay free of snow until further notice,” Granerud noted.

Coastal weather

“There will be westerly winds and periods of rain and rain showers from Rogaland in the south to Finnmark in the north,” Granerud added.

In Western Norway, precipitation is expected to decrease. 

However, several danger warnings are likely to be issued for Friday in parts of Norway.

“A yellow danger warning will be sent out for Helgeland for Friday, and there will probably be one for Trøndelag also for Friday, both for precipitation,” the meteorologist said.

In short, it will be a long weekend with rather bad weather in Northern Norway, bad but gradually better weather in the west, and quite nice weather in the east – until Sunday. 

Generally, higher temperatures than normal are expected throughout the country.

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