Voltarol is to be prescribed

Voltarol.Photo: Voltarol.no

The Norwegian Medicines Agency has decided that the drug, Voltarol, should be prescribed, after new research shows a higher risk than expected for cardiovascular disease.

The decision comes just days after the Swedish Medicines Agency agreed to the same, writes TV 2.

In Sweden, the change will be introduced from 1 June 2020, but it is not yet known when it will happen in Norway.

– “We have had an internal study of all tablets and capsules with diclofenac and they are to be prescribed,” says Steinar Madsen, specialist in internal medicine and heart disease at the Norwegian Medicines Agency, to the channel.

In total, there are three different varieties of the drug and Voltarol is the only one, so far available without a prescription.

New research shows that the drug presents a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, even in smaller quantities.

– “We have recommended reducing the use of this type of anti-inflammatory drug and rather use others that do not contain diclofenac,” says Madsen.

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