Voting stops at 9 pm CET

Large Regional Reform Stortinget Parliament parliamentary elections voting ParliamentPacked Parliament for the vote. Photo: Stortinget

The last voting stations close at 9 pm CET

This year all votes will not only be counted by machine, but also be done manually. This means that the final result might not be available until tomorrow morning, or even later if there are close calls, requiring recounts. What is certain is that is is going to be a thriller.


The record numbers of pre-votes in Oslo, Bergen and are however already counted. These together with exit polls will give a fair idea of whether Erna will govern for four more years or if Jonas will take over the helm. Much depends on how many, and which, minor parties will reach the barrier limit of 4 per cent. At the moment the Liberals, the Greens and even the Christian Democrats are hovering around the magic limit. The difference can mean that the parties will be represented by 1-2 or 7-8 representatives. Red also has an outside chance of reaching nirvana, whereas the socialist party looks to be on the safe side together with Labour, Conservatives, Progress Party and Centre Party.


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