Wants to disband Norwegian chicken industry

Chicken IndustryChicken. Photo: Pixabay.com

Green youth wants to disband Norwegian chicken industry

MDGs Youth Party “Green Youth” wants to disband the Norwegian chicken industry. Traditional production is to be replaced by ecological chicken and vertical vegetable farming according to them.


MDGs youth party also wish for strict animal welfare demands to be enforced on foreign chicken producers who want to export to Norway.

The reason for the proposal is that Green Youth, which this week holds its national convention, believes that chicken today is «treated as assembly line objects with no inherent value».

– This is not meant to be an attack on the chicken farmers, but as a confrontation with a kind of animal husbandry that we as a society should not accept any more, says the spokesperson for the Green Youth, Hilda Holtvedt, about the proposal.

It is produced around 70 million chickens annually in Norway, according to Statistics Norway.

Disband subsidies while we wait

The youth party also wish to disband all subsidies and grants to the Norwegian poultry industry in a transition phase. They want the poultry farmers to produce vegetables instead.

– A drastic reduction in the chicken production should be compensated for by increased vegetable production, for example in vertical agricultural halls. There are examples of old office buildings and industrial halls that are now used for vegetable cultivation, and old chicken halls can also be used, Holtvedt believes.


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