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Wants to take Nav money from immigrants who do not learn Norwegian



Immigrants who refuse to learn Norwegian can soon lose social benefits.

The Government proposes to amend the rules in the Social Services Act so that a duty is imposed on the municipalities to impose conditions on Norwegian education, if lack of Norwegian knowledge is the reason why a person does not manage himself financially.

“It’s not heart-wrenching, but care in practice,” Hauglie tells Nettavisen about the upcoming demands.

The proposal is due for consultation soon.

“There is a continuing tendency for the immigrant population to be more dependent on financial social assistance compared to the rest of the population. There is an increasing language requirement in working life. For successful integration, it is crucial that those who live in Norway, learn Norwegian and get into work and education,” says the consultation note Nettavisen has access to.

“The duty applies to those who have been through the introductory program, but who still have poor Norwegian knowledge,” says Hauglie.

The change should initially apply to beneficiaries under the age of 30.

“When we introduce an activity obligation for all age groups, the language obligation will also include these groups,” says Hauglie.

Last year, almost NOK 7 billion was paid in social assistance in Norway. Figures from January show that 56 percent of social assistance payments go to immigrants, of which most come from Africa and Asia.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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