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Wetter than usual in Eastern Norway

Wetter Umbrella rain cityUmbrella at night. Photo:


Wetter than usual in Eastern Norway

On Wednesday, it was unusually rainy in Eastern Norway, and the wettest it was in the capital. The measured precipitation comes around about once every 25 years.


During a 19 hour period, 80.7 mm precipitation was measured at Bygdøy, and 60.4 mm on Tryvannshøgda. According to the Meteorological Institute, this amount of rainfall is very unusual. The amount measured at Bygdøy occurs approximately once every quarter century.

– The reason for these rainfall is that the air was quite warm. The higher the temperature it is in the air, the more rainfall we get. At the same time there were some showers, and occasional thunder. Then the clouds will be very high up and potentially can produce a lot of rain, says Meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute, Jon Smits, to NTB.

Eighteen inches of rain

He says that such rainfall is usually only concentrated in one place of the country at the same time, as in Eastern Norway yesterday. Smits can comfort Eastern Norway that they can anticipate a couple of nice days ahead. Western and Northern Norway, on the other hand, can (as usual) expect wind and rainfall over the weekend.

This years wettest summer has been bestowed on Rogaland. Suldalsvatn has as an example received a total of nearly 0.5 meters (484.5 mm) during the summer months. That much rainfall has never before been measured in the period June 1 to August 10.


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