40% of women with HG consider abortion

Pregnant HGPregnancy is not always plain sailing . Photo: pixabay

40% of women with extreme nausea (HG) consider abortion

hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is one of the most common reasons for pregnant women being admitted to hospital. Two out of five women suffering from this malady have considered an abortion.

This is shown in a Norwegian study conducted by Relis (Regional Medicines Information Centres), the Universities of Oslo and Bergen.

Women suffering from extreme pregnancy nausea (HG) in the study state that the condition is something of the worst they have experienced. They further add that nausea had serious consequences for them – both mentally and socially.

”The women describe the experience as «inhuman torture», «being in a prison for nine months» and that «HG is much worse than the actual birth». As much as two out of five of the women partaking in the study informs that they considered an abortion due to nausea,” Pharmacist in Relis, Gro C. Havnen, writes in a press release.

The participants also say that Norwegian health personnel does not have enough knowledge of the condition and show little understanding of how stressful HG is. Several of the women add that they experience insensitive comments from health personnel.

“The general perception that nausea is a natural part of pregnancy and something that pregnant women just have to cope with, can, unfortunately, contribute to that pregnant women with HG do not get the treatment they need; Nausea is viewed as commonplace,” one of the researchers behind the study, fellow Bich Truong explains.

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