The Young ones learn needlework from the elderly people

Young teaches needlework olderOn the image:In front from left: Benedicte Erfjord (9), Pia Eiersland (9), Anna Stubhaug Klem (9), Martine Hageland Gabrielsen (7), Frida Sørensen (11), Ragnhild Erfjord (13). Back from left: Åse Sørensen (68), Charlotte Sørensen Uleberg (12), Turid Kirsten Eik (63) and Else Reither (58).

Old needlework techniques were passed on to new generations when grandmothers taught young children how to card, spinn, weave, sew and embroid.

– This is the coolest hobby I have, says nine year old Pia Eiersland from Kristiansand. Every Monday she comes together with 6 to 7 other girls to the premises of the arts and crafts industry in Kristiansand. There, they meet three grandmother who know a lot about needlework.

After the arts and crafts industry for children was founded in Kristiansand a year ago, Pia and the girls began to make hats, bags, Easter chicks, scarves and much more from wool and cotton.

That very day, they are preoccupied with embroidering, and this is carefully done under the guidance of women who are experts in the art. The three instructors are from 58 to 68 years old.

– Today, it is the generation of grandparents who has control over the knowledge of handicrafts. Our children know little about this, but we see a growing interest among our grandchildren. This is the reason behind the offer, says Turid Kirsten Eik at the arts and crafts industry in Kristiansand.

Children from  4th grade and above receive a basic introduction to the process from the beginning to the finished product. But mostly, the time goes into creating things using traditional tools such as looms, knitting needles and yarn and needle and thread.

A part of the equipments is purchased with money from LOS-Fund. Young Handicrafts received 10,000 kroner as support from LOS Fund in March 2016.

– All credits go to the arts and crafts team’s industry for taking responsibility to ensure that the ancient craft traditions are not lost. LOS Fund is pleased to contribute to the knowledge transmitted to the new generations. That is a great and free initiative for handy children and adolescents, according to the project manager, Nils Tore Augland, in LOS Fund.

Source: LOS / Norway Today