Youngsters practice drive too little

Practice Driviing practice drive Driving lessionPractice Driver. Photo: Trygg Trafikk / Colurbox

Fear Norwegian youth practice drive too little

The more you drive the better driver you will become. Use the summer well and let the youngsters behind the wheel to practice drive, encourages Norwegian Safe Traffic (Trygg Trafikk).


Many 16-year-olds are ready to practice driving, but that is no longer approved as a valid reason for absence from school. Safe Traffic is concerned that the youngsters haven’t practiced enough before they hit the road on their own.

– Young people aged 15-24 are the most at risk in traffic. Use the summer vacation to let the 16-year-old take over the steering wheel. It’s important that they practice as much as they can to ensure that they become safe drivers; at least 140 hours in accordance with the recommendations by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, says District Manager in Trygg trafikk Hordaland, Knut Nestås.

Practice to become a good driver

Nestås is a former traffic instructor and has a clear message for both those who start training in traffic and their parents.

– If you are to be good at anything, practice is the key. That applies to driving as well. Driving is not just about learning how to engage the gears and clutch properly, but to learn to “read” traffic and be alert. The technical bit is part of the training, but the choices you make as a novice driver are much more important, says Nestås.

Choose an authorized traffic school

Many parents are nervous and uncertain when their offspring are ready to get behind the steering wheel for the first time.

– One good tip is to let them attend an authorized traffic school at the beginning so they have a solid foundation to build on before the parents take over. I will also recommend that parents tag along for the first few driving lessons. It provides insight into how the traffic instructor works and tips on what needs to be worked on in more depth.

Use the newest car

– Use the newest car available to you. This applies to both when you exercise and when the youngster borrows a car after the license is obtained. And finally, do not let yourself be stressed. Let it be a comfortable and safe experience for the both of you, Nestås concludes.

Things to remember when practice driving

  • Red L on white background, clearly visible in the rear window
  • Extra mirror for companion
  • The companion must be at least 25 years old and possesed a valid driving license for the last five years
  • Safe Traffic and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration recommend at least 140 hours of practice driving
  • The car must be registered as Class B, which has a maximum total weight of 3,500 kgs.
  • You are not allowed to practice drive abroad
  • Proof of a completed basic traffic course and valid ID must be brought along when practice driving

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