Man razed apartment with axe in Oslo

Police at work.Police at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

A man was arrested at Dalsåsen in Oslo on Sunday night after racing a car, a motorcycle, and damaging an apartment with an axe.


“We were told that a car driver with an axe had raced a car. We got there and quickly took control of that person. No person was threatened or injured, but we found out that there was also damage to a motorcycle,a garage and an apartment,” said officer Torgrøttum,Operations Manager in Oslo Police District to NTB news.

The man is going to have a completely ruined car,broken windows in the garage, and a destroyed fuse box in the garage.

“Inside the house,where the man himself is the tenant, there was also a lot that was broken,” said Grøttum.

The man was arrested outside the apartment and is charged with criminal damage.

“It went well,” said the operation manager.

The police reported the incident at Dalsåsen on Twitter at 23.14.


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