Your rights to healthcare as a refugee or an asylum seeker in Norway


As a refugee or asylum seeker in Norway, you have the right to healthcare in the municipality and in hospitals.

You have the right to healthcare for physical and mental problems, and for addiction problems. You also have the right to necessary dental care.

The municipality where you live has to provide you with access to doctors and other healthcare. 

If you or anyone in your family becomes acutely ill, you can use the walk-in medical centres (Legevakta). The telephone number for legevakta is 116 117. This number is used throughout Norway for all walk-in medical centres.

If you have been given a D-number, you can have a General Practitioner. This means you can see the same doctor every time you go to the doctor’s.

If your asylum application has been finally determined and refused, you still have the right to emergency help and to essential healthcare that cannot wait.Read more about healthcare

Source: / Norway Today