Zero children and moped drivers died in traffic in Norway last year

Girl in trafficPhoto: Jan Haas / NTB / MODELLKLARERT

In 2019, no children or moped drivers died in traffic in Norway.

A total of 108 people died in traffic last year, while several cities registered no deaths.

“This decline in traffic accidents is due to the fact that we have worked well for a long time on our traffic safety in Norway,” Svein Ringen, the author of the annual report on in-depth analysis of fatal accidents, noted.

Despite positive numbers, there were 108 fatalities in 2019.

None of these involved children.

A safe traffic culture

Ringen believes that this has to do with the targeted construction of infrastructure and the safety culture for children in traffic.

In the 70s, more than 100 children died in traffic every year.

Last year, the number was zero even though the number of cars has increased sharply since the 70s.

Several large municipalities such as Tromsø, Stavanger, and Bærum had zero fatalities in traffic last year.

Nationally, no moped drivers died in traffic either.

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