1 million new jobs in Norway in three years

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One million new jobs in Norway have been created since 2016 while 815,000 have disappeared. The transition is going according to plan, said the Minister of Labour.

The figures from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs were reported by ABC News.

Other figures show that the number of employees has increased by more than 47,000 in the past year. In three years, 130,000 more have been employed, and employment growth has been evident throughout the country and in most industries.

The figures from the Ministry also show that 67.9 per cent of the population between the ages of 15 and 74 were employed in December 2019, compared to 66.5 at the lowest in 2017.

Employment among young people has increased from 48 to 51 per cent in recent years. At the other end, among older people, employment has also increased, especially following the 2011 pension reform, according to the online newspaper.

“These are reassuring figures that show that the transition is going according to plan. Many new jobs are being created in the private sector. The unemployment rate has not been lower in ten years, and the outside job is reduced,” said Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Anniken Hauglie (H) to ABC News.

“One of the government’s most important goals has been to get youth who are on the fringe to work or back to school. When we see that the proportion of young people in work is increasing, there is nothing that pleases me more,” she added.

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