100 new low-cost grocery stores

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Kiwi, Rema and Coop Extra to open over 100 new stores

The three leading low-cost chains will open 113 new stores during the year. The establishment race could lead to an over-establishment the Kiwi boss acknowledged.

Despite weak growth in the grocery market, Kiwi, Rema and Coop Extra will open 113 new stores in 2019 according to figures Dagens Næringsliv newspaper has obtained from the chains.

Kiwi, which with 664 stores has the most, but lower than average turnover than Rema, has in recent years begun to buy up Rema in the fight to be the country’s largest discount chain. Rema responded with a major investment in new stores, without Kiwi at first following the trend.

Last year, however, Kiwi established 14 new stores, and this year, 20 new stores will be opened.

‘’It is development or liquidation,’’ said Kiwi chief, Jan Paul Bjørkøy. He, however, acknowledged that the race could lead to over-establishment.

This year, Coop Extra will open 73 new stores, which will give the chain 500 stores in total. Rema, which has 634 stores, wants 20 new stores this year.

“I’m not worried about over-establishing in the market,but the fight is all about being the best at both cheapest prices and largest selection, which we see our customers value,” said Extra-boss, Christian Hoel.

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