100,000 EVs rolls on Norwegian roads

charge electric cars enovaElectric car.Photo: Norway Today Media

Number of electric vehicles reached Monday another milestone – 100,000 electric cars are now running around on Norwegian roads without emissions.

– Although we have reached 100,000 EVs, but we are still increasing fossil cars on the roads, so the job is not done, says Kåre Gunnar Fløystad, Head of ZERO.

Both ZERO and Norwegian electric vehicle association believes the next few years will be crucial, and says many of the benefits of zero-emission vehicles is under pressure.

– In particular, the uncertainty related to electric car benefits at the local level as exemption from tolls and parking fees.

Here, local politicians say clearly assume that they want zero emission welcome by continuing the EV benefits for a period, says Christina Bu, General Secretary of the Norwegian electric vehicle association.

– We believe that the electric car market should remain at up to 400 000 in 2020 if we are to be close to being able to reach Norway’s ambitious climate targets.

Then today’s electric vehicle policy will continue and even be strengthened in certain areas, says Christina Bu.

Previous milestone for the number of electric cars was in May 2015 when it was registered 50,000 EVs. There has thus been a doubling in just 1.5 years.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today