11 percent of single working parents have low incomes

Seasonal workersSeasonal workers.Photo:pixabay.com

Compared to 14.2 percent of all households, 4.6 percent of wage earner households had low incomes in 2017.

The proportion of low-income households is highest for single parents with children under 18, with 11 per cent. According to Statistics Norway’s income and wealth statistics for households, the corresponding proportion for single residents under 45 was 9 per cent,

Even among couples with children, the youngest being between 0 and 6 years, and young couples without children, there is a larger proportion of low-income households among the total, at 6 and 5 per cent respectively.

Thirty-one percent of single providers who are not in the low-income category work within health and social security and 11 percent within merchandising.  

Forty percent of the low-income household work in health and social security and 15 percent in retail. They are also more often employed within hotel, food and beverage industry and service-related industry than households outside the low-income category. The last category includes employees in manpower-related businesses and the cleaning industry.

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