11 Percent Will Choose Electric Car

Electric cars, Charging PointElectric car charging. Photo: pixabay.com

Norwegians will probably buy more electric cars this year than the rest of the Nordic countries, according to a survey.


11 per cent of the Norwegians expressed interest on choosing electric cars the next time they buy a car, according to the survey Opinion has conducted for the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association and Nordisk Energiforskning.
Norway is, thus far, ahead of the other Nordic countries. In Sweden, only 4% expressed interest in choosing an electric car as their second car, Denmark 2%, Finland 1% and Iceland 8%.
According to the Electric Vehicle Association, estimated sales for 2018 are higher in Norway than the rest of the Nordic region
Concerned for Reach
Electric Vehicle Association is saying that political influence is crucial for a shift in passenger car traffic.
“Norwegian consumers are ready for a change. Now it is up to the politicians and industry to contribute, says Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association’s General Secretary, Christina Bu.
Norwegian car buyers believe the biggest barrier to choosing electric cars is the range, and secondly, possibilities. Only 6 percent say that electric cars are too expensive in purchasing.
In neighboring countries, however, price is the main reason why people do not choose electric cars, followed by the lack of charging areas.
Waiting Lists
Last year, the market share in this country for electric cars was 21 per cent. Nearly 150,000 electric cars were registered in Norway at the turn of the year. Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association indicates that there are now long waiting lists on a number of models. Bu believes demand will be greater than what the manufacturers are able to deliver in the short term.
“In addition, we need a large-scale deployment of charging stations to meet the needs of all the new electric cars, which politicians strongly encourage people to switch to,” she says.
44 percent of respondents do not think politicians will follow up an offensive electric car policy by 2025, according to the electric car barometer.


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