113 FTEs must go away

TV2OSLO.TV2.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix

113 FTEs are retundant in TV 2, informs the TV channel. These are in addition to the 64 who have been granted severance packages.

– Our goal is to maximize the number of voluntary solutions. Now we are together with representatives discussing the further process, says TV2 CEO Olav T. Sandnes.

In a press release TV2 informs that they have a redudancy of 113 FTEs, after 64 employees have already chosen to avail themselves of the final package.

The news department of TV 2 was Thursday informed that there are 23 surplus in the department.

The news channel is going to forward all of the news and current affairs broadcasts to the entire TV 2, and the daily news broadcasts on the main channel. Karianne Solbrække (43) is news editor of the channel.

A TV2 manager says that the TV channel will have more legs to stand on, and therefore will restructure to focus on TV 2 Sumo.

– Over time, we have prioritized large part of our resources toward linear channels, which no longer reflect the market or TV viewers.

Therefore, how TV 2 will live from by 2020, including a major investment in TV 2 Sumo. That means we will facilitate far greater resources there, says Sandnes.

The employees of TV 2 were on Thursday briefed on savings plans of management. The channel has indicated a need to save 350 million kroner by 2020.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today