12,000 people will lose their jobs in Intel

12,000 lose their job in IntelIntel logo.Photo REUTERS/Pichi Chuang/File photo

The US processor manufacturer Intel wants to enter new markets and will get rid of 11 percent of its workforce.

The company states that 12,000 employees worldwide will be fired until the middle of next year.
The reason for the cuts is that Intel wants move their business away from the PC industry and invest more in new technologies like ” the internet of things”.
– We want to go from being a computer company to being one that provides power to cloud computing and billions of smart, interconnected computing devices, the company said.
Most of the employees affected will be informed within 60 days.
The company states that the re-adjustment will cost 9.7 billion NOK but hope to eventually save an annual amount of 11.4 billion NOK.


Source:   NTB scanpix / Norway Today