128,000 Norwegian pigs are slaughtered in Russia after swine fever outbreaks

PigPig.Photo: Lise Åserud / SCANPIX

The Norwegian company RBPI-group had to destroy hundred thousands of pigs after African swine fever was discovered in one of their farms in Kaliningrad.


The Norwegian company is one of Russia’s largest pig producers and discovered, according to Aftenposten, about two months ago, the outbreak of the dangerous animal virus.

“About 128,000 pigs have been euthanized and removed in accordance with Russian veterinary rules,” said the director of the RBPI Group Thomas Nergaard in an email to the newspaper.

This is one of the biggest downslides that has been carried out as a result of the infection, and Norwegian veterinary authorities are worried about developments in Europe. On Friday there was confirmed swine fever near Belgium’s border to France, Germany and Luxembourg. The nearest find in Russia was at a large meat factory in Murmansk, 20 miles from Norway.

“We look very closely at developments and follow it closely,” says Carl Andreas Grøntvedt, Senior Vice President at the Veterinary Institute of Aftenposten.

African swine fever is not dangerous to humans, but causes a hemorrhagic fever in domestic fowl and wild boar. Infected animals usually die within a few days.


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