143,000 tonnes of reusable waste generated in 2017

electronic wasteElectronic waste

Refuse companies collected 143,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic waste in 2017. 83% of the so-called ‘EE waste’was converted into valuable raw materials.


“Norwegians make a great deal of effort to deliver EE waste every year. The effort prevents pollution of nature, reduces resource utilization, and also has high economic value because the commodities are sold and reused,” said Heidi Austlid, CEO of ICT Norway.

There was gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum in the waste.

The UN believes the EE waste discarded around the world every year is worth approximately NOK 550 billion.

In total, 119,000 tonnes of waste were recycled and sold on commodity exchange markets worldwide. Well-functioning components are sold to companies and reused in new products.

‘’A microprocessor is a good example. It is found in cell phones, computers, and even in escalators. The metal is worth ten kroner when the microprocessor is melted, but can be worth up to 900 kroner when it’s reused. For us, the cities are the new mines’’, said CEO, Stig Ervik in the nationwide and industry-led producer with responsibility for the scheme ‘Norsirk’.


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