194 Uber drivers reported to police

UberOSLO.illustration picture of taxi app Uber. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

194 Uber drivers reported to police, with 11.2 million recovered in fines

The police have hit Uber drivers in Norway hard. So far, they’ve been notified of 194 drivers,  confiscating 94 driving licences, and recovering 11.2 million kroner.


Of the 194 drivers caught in the police clamp-down, 138 received written citations, and there were deductions from the drivers’ earnings in 67 cases, reported Aftenposten newspaper.

The cloud mediated Uber has been highly controversial in Norway, and throughout the world. Previously, in recommendations made by the shared finance committee, Uber was legal.

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance are currently in the consultation stage for statements  submitted on the committee’s proposals.

ESA disagrees with Norway

The EFTA Surveillance Authority, ESA, released a statement that they don’t agree with the Norwegian authorities that the limitation of service is justifiable on grounds of public interest. Against this background, the ESA stated that they will assess whether Norway is meeting its European Economic Area (EEA) obligations.

Head of Uber in Norway, Carl Edvard Endresen, hopes the shared finance committee’s recommendation will be adhered to. He
believes the police clampdown is exaggerated.

‘It doesn’t match people’s sense of justice, when all drivers have done is something as simple as driving people safely home. This is an unsustainable situation for drivers to be in’


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