2.6% of population unemployed in January

NAV office, where unemployed and job seekers goes for support.NAV. Photo: Norway Today Media

There were 1,200 more completely unemployed people in November, according to seasonally adjusted Nav numbers. That is lower unemployment than one year ago.

At the end of January, 71,100 completely unemployed persons were registered with Nav. This represents a share of 2.6% of the workforce.

Unemployment, which additionally includes job seekers who participate in measures to find work, was registered at 86,400 people.

That’s equivalent to 3.1% of the workforce say Nav.

“The trend of fewer unemployed and more in work continues. It’s good for Norway. Many companies are now demanding labour. Tida is in the process of including several of those who are still struggling to get a job” said Minister of Labour, Anniken Hauglie (H).

In November 2018, Nav launched a new registration solution for anyone who registered as job seekers. Nav estimated that about 4,000 more are available in January 2019 than would have been the case without the new registration solution (not seasonally adjusted).

The proportion of fully unemployed and job seekers has fallen from 3.2% in February 2018 to 2.9% in January 2019, adjusted for seasonal variations.

The figures show that unemployment in January was greatest in tourism and transport and lowest in education.The highest unemployment rate affected Østfold and Vestfold, while the fewest people were unemployed in Sogn and Fjordane.

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