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Norway extends contribution in the fight against ISIS

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The Government has informed the Parliament that Norway is continuing to have a military force based in Jordan. The strength coaches, advises and supports local Syrian groups in the fight against ISIS.

– The fight against ISIS is a high priority task, both for the Government and for our allies. The Norwegian contribution is very relevant and highly valued by the coalition. Our combined efforts in Iraq and Jordan are important contributions in the fight against ISIS, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in the fight against the terrorist organization, says Minister of Defence, Ine Eriksen Søreide.

The government decided last May to send a Norwegian contribution to Jordan for the purpose of training, advising and supporting Syrian groups in their fight against ISIS. The mandate of this contribution force is prolonged until March 10th 2018.

– ISIS is under severe pressure. In Iraq, ISIS are about to lose the battle of Mosul. In Syria they have lost strategically important areas. The coalition and its supporters are putting increasing pressure on Raqqa, the group’s headquarters in Syria. The supply of foreign fighters is drastically reduced. Meanwhile ISIS remains a serious threat within Iraq and Syria, and to international security. The fight against the terrorist organization will take time, says the Minister of Defence.

 Adjustments in Iraq

The Government has decided to continue the Norwegian military contribution to the fight against ISIS in Iraq, and to move it from Erbil in the north to the Anbar province in the west.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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