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2,000 oil jobs in Rogaland filled with people from abroad

The oil field Johan SverdrupThe oil field Johan Sverdrup.Photo: Jan Arne Wold / Statoil / NTB scanpix


Of the 5,000 jobs in Rogaland, as many as 40% of them are linked to the oil sector. According to Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper,Nav has to recruit people from abroad.


After the oil price drop in 2014, between 40,000 and 50,000 people disappeared from the oil sector. Rogaland went from the lowest unemployment rate in the country, between 1 and 2%, to being one of the highest-unemployment counties with 3.5% according to Stavanger Aftenblad.Nevertheless, the county did not manage to fill the oil jobs that are now available.

“The number of vacancies in Rogaland is now much higher than at the same time last year. Some professionals are difficult to get hold of and we need to recruit abroad,’’ said county director, Truls Nordahl in Nav Rogaland to the newspaper.

One important reason for the lack of people is that many industries are doing well in almost the entire country, so that there is a battle for the professionals.

Of the 2,500 job vacancies in Rogaland in July, the most were in engineering and ICT, with 468 announced.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


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