Toys ’R’ Us may well be history

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Unlikely that Toys ’R’ Us can go on after bankruptcy

Toys ‘R’ Us Norway claims that the parent company’s bankruptcy filing does not affect them, but according to Top-Toy, it is «not likely» that the Norwegian operation can continue.


In a press release published on Friday on the homepage of Top-Toy’s, the company reports that the toy chains BR and Toys ‘R’ Us Nordic had filed for bankruptcy.

But in a later in the statement, it was informed that  Top-Toys A / S in Denmark, Sweden and Finland are bankrupt. The Norwegian branches are not mentioned.

In a press release from Top-Toy spokesperson, Lars Bo Kirk, NTB is told that the Danish holding company is bankrupt, but that the Norwegian branch currently is not directly affected.

“What happens in the future is up to the bankruptcy manager in the Danish company. It is, however, less likely that the Norwegian company can continue as an isolated entity in the long run,” he writes.

A possible bankruptcy in Norway will entail that around 300 employees will lose their jobs.

Toys ‘R’ Us Norway says the operation will continue

Toys ‘R’ Us Norway states on Facebook that the bankruptcy report from the parent company Top-Toy affects the toy store chain in Sweden and Denmark, but not in Norway. BR Toys, which is also owned by Top-Toy, has an identical message posted on their Facebook page.

“As it looks now, we will continue as normal,” writes Toys ‘R’ Us Norway and BR Plays in replies to queries from their customers.

The press release from Top-Toy does not mention these Facebook posts.

Employees at a loss

At the same time, many storms to the Toys ‘R’ Us stores in Bergen to exchange toys as a result of the bankruptcy filing, writes Bergensavisen. One of the shop’s own employees, who wish to remain anonymous, states that they haven’t received any information whatsoever.

“It’s not that we don’t want to say anything, but we simply can’t. We haven’t received any information. We do not know how long the store will remain open or if it will start up again later, ” the employee despairs.

Top-Toy filed for bankruptcy after being hit by increased digitalisation, increased competition and changing habits by the children habits, according to the company itself.

In the United States of America and several other parts of the world, Toys R US has closed or sold all its stores. In the USA, up to 33,000 jobs have been affected.toy

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