Travel insurance payments increased this year after falling last year

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Insurance payments to people who have been unlucky on vacation have risen by almost 3% in two years.After a decline last year, they increased again this year.


So far this year, insurance companies have paid out almost NOK 1.1 billion in travel insurance. That is just over 7% more than last year, but only 2.9% more than in 2016 show figures from Finans Norge.

Disbursements in connection with travel illness make up approximately half of the compensation payments.This year’s amount is only 0.1 % higher than two years ago, but 9.1% higher than last year, when the decline was significant.

Adjusted for the price increase, the social security contributions have been fairly stable since 2015, but before that they quadrupled since 2002.

“Various infectious diseases reduce the number of ill patients,while serious illnesses can cause high levels of compensation.

Besides, we travel far, often and to more exotic areas” said Stine Neverdal, Communications Manager in Finans Norge.

This year’s amount is the biggest ever.

Accident payments have increased by just over 5% in the past year.On the other hand, there was 1% less paid out to cover theft and loss of travel items. These have been reduced by almost 11% in two years.

Cancellations and other damages resulted in 10% higher payments this year than last year.


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