2017 – More expensive tobacco, alcohol and petrol

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It will become more expensive to be a motorist:  Motorists get new financial consequences from January 1st because of budget negotiations between the government and other parties decisions in the fall. Gasoline tax will rise by 15 cents a liter and diesel by 35 cents.

its not just motorists who have to pay more. To salvage the vehicle package negotiations the government entered an agreement that all fuels sold from 2020, will have a 20 percent biofuel mix.

Norwegian Petroleum Institute has calculated the final bill for motorists. Bergens Tidende said In December that bill is 3.3 billion NOK.
Taxes on tobacco products increased by 5 percent, liquor tax increased by 3.85 knoner and 50 grams of snuff becomes 3.13 kroner more expensive.

Those who earn between 400,000 and 500,000 kroner, will receive nearly 1000 kroner in tax cuts next year. If you earn over 1 million kroner the tax reduction becomes 2400 kroner, meanwhile if you earn under 150,000 kroner, you get 200 kroner in tax relief.

Higher fees

For DNB customers the 1st of January is the day when they not only have to pay 10 kroner for cash withdrawals at ATMs and 40 kroner abroad. Most borrowers feel that the DNB is setting up interest rate on the mortgages as well.

The new Nationality Act comes into force and requires passing a test in social studies and Norwegian skills for new citizens. It also introduced activity obligations for social assistance.


more EV vehicle rules start from January. EV owners in several municipalities must pay for parking. this is happening after the car-minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen introduced standard rules for parking across the country.

The municipalities have decided now that electrical cars should pay for parking.

New standardized parking rates make it more expensive to illegally park in many municipalities. In Fredrikstad motorists that park illegally will have almost doubled fines of 900 kroner.

Next year motorists will have an annual fee of 2820 kroner for their cars. This year it is at 3185 kroner. the Car industry will also appreciate that it is legal to put small signs on certain types of vehicles.
On January 11th the FM network in Nordland will disappear and will usher in the DAB era for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. This means the end for 8375 million FM radios that now can only broadcast local radio stations.

The FM network will be removed successively in zones across the country and disappear entirely from the nation when Troms and Finnmark remove theirs in December.

Also starting this year

* Norway takes over the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers from Finland.

* It is easier to gain access to speech therapy, expenses for physiotherapy and chiropractors will be paid back.

* The Polar Code will be introduced and sets stricter environmental standards for ships in the Arctic and Antarctic.

* The introduction of new rules on compensation for natural disasters.

* Electricity Customers will be notified by SMS or email if the price of electricity changes.

* It is forbidden to show off elephants at the circus.

* New rules against violence and threats in the work place are introduced.

* It is easier to produce electricity itself and supply surplus electricity to the grid.

* Listed companies must no longer provide quarterly results.

* Purchasing under 1.1 million must no longer be published.

* The interest rate on student loans increased by 0.35 percentage points, and there is less travel grants for those studying abroad.

* The tax rate is reduced from 25 to 24 percent for companies and individuals.

* Housing benefit changes so that it is calculated from last month’s income, indexed and given regardless of the children’s income.

From the 1st of January, the national church must pay their own priests. From now on the state will provide a grant which the church chooses how it spends the funds.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today