25 percent increase in Jarlsberg® exports to Australia

25 percent increase in Jarlsberg® exports to Australia25 percent increase in Jarlsberg® exports to Australia.Photo:Tine

The first five months showed a volume increase in TINE export Jarlsberg® to Australia by 25 percent compared with the same period last year.

From the turn of the year, up to and including May,  1121 tons of Jarlsberg®  were exported to the other side of the globe. Most of the exports from Norway (589 tons) to Australia comes from TINE plants in Jæren. The rest of the exports come from TINE plants in the US (348 tonnes) and Ireland (284 tonnes).

24 million Australians are  on average eating about 100 grams per person of Jarlsberg® each year. And imports have increased gradually over 4-5 decades.

It’s exciting that we’ve been a part of such a journey, and that a locally produced product can resonate in a competitive international market. That a country across the globe have embraced Jarlsberg makes us proud,  dairy manager at TINE dairy in Jæren, Espen Schefte, says.

In 2015  900 tonnes of Jarlsberg®, produced by 1,300 local cows and 9 million liters of local milk. were brought from Jæren to Australia –

Good cooperation with the importer
Export manager at TINE, Unni Sjøflot, thinks the Australia- success is due to a skilled Australian importer with national distribution and large sales force.

-They have for decades made Jarlsberg well known as the best cheese with holes in Australia. And despite the great distance between us we have a close and good cooperation, she said.

These days  TINE will also launch Jarlsberg® Mini, a small 20 gram mini-cheese wheel, which will probably  help to an even greater increase of Jarlsberg® sales in Australia. TINE also offer other Norwegian cheeses like brown cheese (Ski Queen) in the country that has embraced Norway’s most famous cheese.

Source: TINE / Norway Today