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300 jobs endangered in “Toys R Us”

Top-Toy Nordics Toys-R-UsTop-Toy Nordics must be restructured. It may affect stores in Norway. Photo: Berit Roald NTB scanpix


300 jobs endangered in “Toys R Us” Norway

The company that owns the chains Toys R Us and BR-toys has received bankruptcy protection. In Norway, more than 300 persons can lose their jobs.


– We have not succeeded in making Top-Toy profitable in its current form and, therefore, we must now change the foundation of our business by simplifying and optimising the healthy parts of the company, says Top-Toy boss Per Sigvardsson to the Danish newspaper Børsen, according to Dagens Næringsliv.

The consequences of bankruptcy protection can in the worst case mean that more than 300 employees in Norway lose their jobs. Top-Toys’ business in Norway, which consist of the “Toys R Us” and “BR-toys” stores, has more than 330 employees (early 2017), writes the newspaper.

In the United States and elsewhere in the world, “Toys R Us” has closed down or sold all its stores. In the United States, up to 33,000 jobs are affected


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today




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