3000 au pairs to lose assistance services

au pairAu pair.Photo: pixabay.com

The closure of the Au Pair Center will give the green light for the exploitation of au pairs, fears Norwegian People’s Aid and trade union.

It is sad that the government does not see the value in a highly vulnerable group receiving the necessary counseling and follow-up.

The center has revealed many horrifying examples of the host families having taken advantage of the scheme, says Birgitte Brekke, Chief of Staff of the Norwegian People’s Aid.

Over 3,000 au pairs and their host families in practice are losing the opportunity for legal advice, assistance and information when the government chooses to discontinue counseling centers for au pairs, as stated in the state budget for 2017.

– You can say what you want about the au pair scheme, but as long as it exists is 3,000,000NOK is a small sum to ensure 3000 people get basic legal safeguards.

The Au Pair Center was established to prevent the exploitation of au pairs, and there is nothing to suggest that utilization has diminished, says Mette Nord, head of the trade union.

The center is run by Norwegian People’s Aid and the trade union in  Oslo.

Two years ago the Government proposed to do this, but it was stopped. The center has had a large increase in the number of inquiries, from 348 in 2013 to 1,214 in 2015 and 891 so far in 2016. In the budget it is stated that au pairs will be able to contact UDI if they are in need of help.

Source: Norway Today