3,800 bus drivers ready to go on strike – the whole of Eastern Norway may be affected

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According to Fellesforbundet, there is a great danger that bus traffic in Eastern Norway will be affected by the strike starting Sunday. In the long run, the strike can be extended throughout the entire country.

“This will paralyze the vast majority of bus departures in the central-eastern region, and it shows that we are serious about the strike,” says Fellesforbundet’s federal secretary Dag-Einar Sivertsen in a press release.

Together with other LO unions and YTF, Fellesforbundet has now sent notice of strike for all union drivers in Oslo and Viken. The first withdrawal is for 3,800 drivers.

– There is a greater danger of strikes than we have had, in a long time, Fellesforbundet writes in the press release.

– Fast escalation
The parties meet on Friday for compulsory mediation at the Ombudsman. The mediation has a deadline at midnight on Saturday, and if they do not agree, there will be a strike from Sunday 20 September. NHO Transport negotiates on behalf of the employers.

Sivertsen is clear that this is just the beginning. The escalation will come quickly if the parties do not find a solution.

– “If we get to the point that we have to expand, we will step up quickly. We have a total of over 10,000 drivers we can take out on strike. In that case, this will stop all bus traffic in Norway,” says Sivertsen.

– Being paralyzed
NHO transport states that a total of 2,308 drivers within the NHO area will be taken out if there is a strike.

– In addition, there is a large withdrawal at Vy buss AS, which has been notified to Spekter, NHO writes in a press release.

NHO confirms that bus traffic in Oslo and Viken will be paralyzed if there is a strike.

– “Should there be a conflict, the employee side can step up by taking out more people on strike eventually. However, this must be notified four days before implementation. With today’s withdrawal, all scheduled bus drivers in Oslo and Viken will be taken out in the event of a strike. In addition, two minibus companies will also be affected,” says CEO Jon H. Stordrange of NHO Transport.

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