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4 out of 10 people believe that machines can take their jobs

Prime Minister ErnaSEOUL, SØR-KOREA 20160414.Prime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix


4 out of 10 people believe that machines can take their jobs

In a new survey, 4 out of 10 workers say that robots can take over their jobs. Their fear is justified, says Labor Research Director.


Together, 39 percent say they believe robots can take over part or all of their jobs, writes the Newspapers’ News Agency. 57 percent do not believe they can be replaced by a machine, compared with 68 percent a year ago.

Many people have a completely justified fear that their jobs will disappear in the future, says Director Arild Henrik Steen at the Labor Research Institute (AFI).

The labor barometer for the year has been prepared by the institute at Oslo University College and Akershus on behalf of the National Association of Professional Organizations. A total of 3,000 people have participated in the survey, which will be presented Tuesday morning during Arendalsuka.

The AFI director says that more groups than before are affected by automation.

“Some see this as a positive change, some see it as a threat, while others think nothing to it. Some think that we can get rid of some of the boring jobs and concentrate more on the more interesting aspects of work,” Steen said.

The survey says 32 percent believe that parts of their job can be performed by robots, 5 percent believe the robots can do half of the work, while 2 percent believe that the robots can perform most.


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